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Grzegorz Ziółkowski Recenzja wiersza i jego tłumaczenia

Grzegorz Ziółkowski Recenzja wiersza i jego tłumaczenia From all the translations of R.L. Frost’s poem the one I liked the most was the sixth one. It is one of the versions which are closest to the orginal lirics, but at the same time it is linked with wersets from „Holy Bible”. And this makes it even more interesting and impressive than the English version. The poem concerns the future of Earth. We know that our planet is going to end in destruction, but we don’t know how. Some of us claim that world will end in fire. Other think that it will freeze. The first conception is represented by people whose souls are full of desire and greed. Their vision is a reflection of their brains’ internal fire. The second point of view is connected with feeling of hate. Our society is full of hate. Hate is cold, so we think that world will freeze becouse of common hate. I think the writer accepts those two endings of our world equally possible, becouse he claims that he tasted desire as well as hate. I don’t know the answer of what is more possible, but I know that we can change the ending by changing the way we behave and the way we look at other people and enviroment. I don’t like this poem. It simply made me think of what am I doing in this world. And that is the question I was always trying not to ask myself.